Jenny Green Teeth

For one of my first university assignments, I wrote two short stories. They had to adapt some element of myth to be set in the present. I chose to write about the lesser-known legend of Jenny Greenteeth, which is thought to originate from Midlands.

If you haven’t previously been acquainted, Jenny Greenteeth is an infamous, boggart-like creature that inhabits wild waters. Parents would tell their children not to play too close to ponds or rivers or ‘Jenny’ll get ya!’.

She was also allegedly able to travel through any plant life to stalk her victims, even through the treetops.

This is an interpretation of her story.






In wondering why monster Jenny might take the children, I thought, what if she was trying to save them? What if she only took little ones who were unhappy or suffered some sort of abuse? In an earlier draft, after Green Teeth died several small bundles bob to the surface. Inside them are the perfectly preserved corpses of many ‘missing’ children from over a long period of time, most of them the authorities were monitoring at the point of their disappearance. Word count and later drafts led to this getting cut from the final submission, but I felt it still worked to retain social worker Jenny and her connection to the other ‘missing’ children.

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