Hi. I’m Kaitlin.

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I’ve been working since I was 15 in various customer facing roles. After college I took a few years out. I studied acting, and then decided to go travelling. I worked three jobs to save up, including a hospitality role where I got my first taste of marketing and CRM as social media manager.

My time solo travelling Australia and Indonesia was unbelievable. I wrote every day and realised I wanted to work with words when I finally came back to reality. I also kept up a travel and lifestyle blog: ThoughSheBeButWee.com

Then I decided to make my love of words official, and started a Creative and Media Writing degree at The University of Portsmouth. I’m loving it, and it’s loving me. I’ve consistently been working at a First Class level ( a 3.9 GPA) and am set to achieve that grade overall when I graduate this summer.

As well as nailing the old studies I’ve been busy. In second year I edited the television section of the university newspaper The Galleon. I ran and presented my own travel-themed radio show ‘Wanderlust Wednesdays’. I also volunteered in a community bookshop over the summer.

Last year I undertook a sandwich placement year and worked as an Editorial Assistant for Debenhams. Primarily I created excellent content for the brand’s blog, brochures and online fashion magazine. I worked closely with adjacent teams and developed my knowledge of Social Media, CRM and Asset management. Over time, due to the absence of an Editor, I became heavily involved in major campaign and seasonal planning.

‘Kaitlin has been an absolute star during her time at Debenhams and has demonstrated her ability to work excellently within a fashion editorial role. Her mature attitude and ability to work proactively in a fast-paced environment has been noted across the department. She has consistently gone above and beyond what was required in the role helping to build our editorial platforms and her positive attitude and energy has been a great influence on our team and across the wider marketing teams. Kaitlin has bought so much to this role and will be very missed!’
Sarah Proffitt | Marketing Manager, Debenhams

Now I’m back for final year and have started focusing my studies on creating strong, entertaining non-fiction work. I’m also working as the main Placement and Employability Ambassador for my faculty. In this role I get to create and edit high-quality blog content, plan events and give a variety of presentations to students. I’ve been freelancing in Digital Marketing too.

And I’m just getting started.

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For any enquiries or to request a copy of my full CV please email: kaitlin.mckenzie@myport.ac.uk