Hi. I’m Kaitlin.

I’ve always loved words. From a young age I buried myself in books, entranced by the glittering worlds of writers like J.K Rowling and Roald Dahl. From the age of six, I was busy creating my own. But it wasn’t until two years ago when I returned from half a year of solo travelling, that I decided to focus on this somehow unacknowledged passion and go to university.

Which is where you find me now. In the midst of my second year of study at Portsmouth University undertaking a BA in Creative and Media Writing. It is even better than I imagined. I began with my pen firmly set on travel writing and fiction but through the course, I have found success and a new interest in journalism.

I now edit the television section of the university newspaper The Galleon, have my own travel-themed radio show ‘Wanderlust Wednesdays’ and maintain my book focused travel and lifestyle blog: ThoughSheBeButWee.com.

I am also in search of a challenging placement within the print or digital media industries to sandwich between my second and third year of study. So watch this space.

When not writing (or reading) – which is infrequent – I can be found running, making pretentious comments about wine, kickboxing, booking plane tickets or watching far too much Netflix.